Concurrent Presentation Abstracts

Plese find below the conciurrent abstracts for the 2017 Stormwater NSW Conference.

Wednesday, 6th September

Wednesday, 6th September Concurrent Session 1

Blacktown City Council: Getting the Most Out of Stormwater Pollution Control Devices
Russell Cadman, Blacktown City Council

Harnessing the Momentum – Incorporating the Lessons Learnt During Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Bio-retention Systems, Along with Observations of Natural Templates, Into the Design Process
Extended Abstract
Nigel Bosworth, Calibre Consulting

The Future of Stormwater Quality Targets in Sydney: A Review and Case Study
Richard McManus, Alluvium Consulting Australia

Concurrent Session 2

Auditing to Lower Maintenance Costs
Murray Powell, Optimal Stormwater and Mim Bucchorn, Newcastle City Council

Transformation of an Urban Lake at Mt Annan, NSW
Extended Abstract
Dov Ben-Avraham, Northrop Consulting

Stormwater and Waterway Planning for Growth in Sydney
Daniel Cunningham, Sydney Water

Concurrent Session 3

H2OK: Keeping our Waterways Healthy
Kathryn Rhook, ACT Government

Clever Use of Existing Infrastructure to Minimize Construction Cost – Tally Ho Stormwater Harvesting Project
Rod Wiese, Storm Consulting

Can MUSIC Reliably Predict Gross Pollutant Loads in Urban Catchments? Should it be Used to Forecast the Maintenance Requirements of Gross Pollutant Traps?
Ben Penhallurick, Renew Solutions
and Brad Dalrymple, BMT WBM

Concurrent Session 4

Stormwater Quality Management:  What’s the Situation?
Charles Coathup, Renew Solutions

Stormwater Industry Mentoring Model (SWIMM)
Kristy Good, SPLASH Program and Blacktown City Council

Landscape on the Edge – How to Build Longer Term Resilience in Raingarden Planting
Martin O’Dea, Clouston Associates

Concurrent Session 5

Stormwater Waste - Recycling Now - Improving the Sustainability of our Treatment Systems
Murray Powell , Optimal Stormwater

Can We Use Choice Experiments to Evaluate Community Expectation and Willingness to Pay for Stormwater Quality Management?
Ben Penhallurick, Renew Solutions

Supercharging an Undercapacity Pipe that Just Needs to Take More – Case Study WestConnex Stage 2
David Gaskell, Calibre Consulting

Concurrent Session 6

Lessons Learnt from the Operation and Commissioning of the Angus Creek Stormwater Harvesting Scheme: How to Improve Water Quality and Extraction Capacity
Craig Bush, Blacktown City Council

The Next Evolution of Stormwater Harvesting
Rod Wiese, Storm Consulting

An Effects-based Assessment Framework for Stormwater and Wastewater Overflow Management in Lake Macquarie
Frances Rutledge, Hunter Water

Concurrent Session 7

Without Data, You are Just Another Person with an Opinion
Peter Terrett, Rapid Map

Standardised Condition, Functionality, and Risk Assessment of Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices in an Automated, Cloud-based Asset Management System
Ben Penhallurick, Renew Solutions

Concurrent Session 8

Council Depots – What Lies Beneath
Rod Wiese, Storm Consulting

Physical Model Testing of an Improved WSUD Stormwater Strategy
Christopher Drummond, University of NSW Sydney

Moving Towards a Water Sensitive Newcastle
Extended Abstract
Nathan Evans, Newcastle City Council

Thursday, 7th September 2017

Concurrent Session 1

Insights from Too Decades of Whole of Water and Energy Cycle Monitoring of a House in Carrington – Battery Storage and Rainwater Harvesting
Professor Peter Coombes, Urban Water Cycle Solutions

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A Project to Deliver Citywide Stormwater Quality Improvement
Justin Foley, ACT Government

Living Waterways for Resilient Communities
Kristy Good, SPLASH Program and Blacktown City Council
and Glenn Browning, Water by Design/ Healthy Land and Water

Concurrent Session 2

Can We Borrow Lessons from Ecological Monitoring to Better Understand the Maintenance Requirements of Our Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices?
Ben Penhallurick, Renew Solutions

Swimming in Parramatta River – Translating the Vision into Opportunities
David Knights, McGregor Coxall

Renewing Sydney Waters Stormwater Assets Through Channel Naturalisation to Improve Waterway Health and Liveability
Dan Cunningham, Sydney Water
Glenn Berrill, Thompson Berrill Landscape Design
Paul Dunne, Jacobs

Concurrent Session 3

Updating Stormwater Management Policy in 2017 - What's the Focus?
Nona Ruddell, Fairfield City Council

Borg Manufacturing – Stormwater Champion or Shrewd Operator?
Stephanie Noble, Sustainability Workshop

Developing a Stormwater Runoff Amelioration Method – Case Studies in South Creek
Stephanie Kermode, Sydney Water

Concurrent Session 4

Councils Creating Change – Driving the Sustainable Water Management Agenda in Local Government
Extended Abstract
Alexa McAuley, McGregor Coxall

The Importance of Determining Pollutant Loads from Varying Rainfall Events for Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse Schemes
Craig Bush, Blacktown City Council

Sources for Courses- Securing Water Supply for Irrigation of Urban Private Recreation Land
Mark Wainwright, Alluvium Consulting Australia

Concurrent Session 5

How to Make it Easy to Comply with a Stormwater DCP in a Notoriously Complex LGA
Mark Liebman, Sustainability Workshop

Multiple Benifit Stormwater Harvesting Project by the City of Ryde
Hugh Williamson, Optimal Stormwater

Effective Public Bushland Asset Management and its Role in the Environmental Sustainable Operation of the City of Newcastle
Extended Abstract
Dr. Anne Clements, Anne Clements & Associates and
Karenne Jurd, Newcastke City Council

Concurrent Session 6

Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse - A Checklist for Master Planning and Design
Guy Amos, Optimal Stormwater

Assessing Directly Connected Impervious Areas in Residential Subdivisions in Western Sydney
Extended Abstract
Stephen Gribble, Cardno

The Goliath of Catchment Management Planning
Nona Ruddell and Leonie Gray, Fairfield City Council

Concurrent Session 7

What Does it Cost to Build a Stormwater Harvesting Scheme? Findings from Council Schemes in Sydney
Phillip Birtles, Sydney Water

Understanding Complete Stormwater Systems through Physical Modelling
Christopher Drummond, UNSW Sydney

Insights from Editing the Urban Book of the Revised Australian Rainfall and Runoff and Application of Case Studies
Professor Peter Coombes, Urban Water Cycle Solutions

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